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Author Subject: Brake Caliper Rebuild FAQ

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Right then, finally got around to it Big grin

Please note, i did this on a spare set of calipers, there was no "downtime" for my car this way and i could use the proper stuff at work Smile

Lets go:

1. Remove the brake calipers from the car, clamping the flexi pipes would be an idea!

2. Clean the calipers and carriers up ready for spraying

Best i could do with a wire brush (sandblaster on the blink Roll eyes)

3. Remove the piston, you could do this another way, but i advise using an air line through the line fitting to force the piston out, put a bit of rag in front of it and expect a loud "pop" when it SHOOTS out Shock

Pistons removed: Smile

4. Clean the piston /bores and mask up for spraying......

5. Clean the slider pins up, i put them in a box of pepsi (maybe coke? Razz) and wire brushed them

6. Time to spray, i used VHT red paint with VHT laquer (laquer is essential to get the nice shine Big grin)

Pics don't really do it justice No

7. Time to fit the new main piston seal and dust seal:

Examine the piston first, any signs of bad wear? f*ck it off in the bin Yes
Small scuffs are okay so long as the coating isn't peeling as this will rip the new seal Sad

Mine were OK so i re-used them Smile

Piston and dust seal:

Location of main seal - This just lifts out, use a terminal screwdiver CAREFULLY to remove.

8. Fit the new main seal, it just drops in.

9. Fit the dust seal, it also drops in.

10. Cover the piston and bore in brake fluid (aids fitment)

11. Fit the piston, you'll need to manipulate the dust seal around it, don't use excessive force at first, once its in you can push it down by hand.

Its a good idea to use an airline in the pipe fitting to push the piston out and then push it back by hand to ensure the dust seal is sitting right and the piston moves in the bore smoothly Yes

Your done Thumbs up

Fit your nice shiny calipers and carriers to the car Big grin

Thankyou Please

Sorry about pic quality people, not allowed cameras at work!

Stealthly VRAZR! LOL


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FAQ'd Thumbs up


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I know this is a really old thread but having rebuilt a few sets of these now and remembered each time the main dust seal is a pain to fit, and trying to see how others get around it.

Couple of people over on 205gtidrivers forums asking how to do it as they kept splitting the seals trying to do it the normal way, and the fact is the seal is too hard to grip and pull up whilst trying to manoeuvre it over the piston.

I find to do it the following way will save you a lot of hassle, and it's to lay the piston on it's side so that it isn't naturally pressing onto the dust seal as you do it.

You'll find it a bit easier to coat the bore of the caliper and the piston in brake fluid to help it slide around.

Step 1 - fit the seal like the below

Step 2 - slot piston and seal into the dust seal groove

Step 3 - Turn caliper upwards and gently ease piston into the caliper. You will feel it grip the dust boot and it will naturally hold it in place.

Step 4 - grab the edge of the dust boot with a seal pick etc being careful not to rip it, and pop it into the groove

Step 5 - I found it easier to rotate the piston around in circles to get the seal in place on all sides

Job jobbed Smile

Some people get lucky and fit them perfectly without issue, but sometimes aftermarket seals vary slightly and are a proper pain to apply. I found the above turns a 30 minute hassle of fighting the seal and trying to pull it around the pistom whilst it's upright, into a 10 second job.


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