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Author Subject: a raspy exhaust that pops and bangs :D

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i got a magnex decata, scorpion cat back all the baffles are shot to bits in both center and rear box and i have got really bad exhaust leak. as soon as i hit 4k in any gear and let off it will pop, the higher you go on the rev range the more it will do it as the revs come down. but i get little blue flames shooting out. my mrs has got some decent size yellow ones popping out of hers when she really gives it some but hers hardilly ever pops and bangs. and thats with a full magnex system and decat. i think that im overfueling bit style due to needing a new lambda. so will gte one fitted and then let you know if it still does it.


ph3 gti-6 china blue- mint condition
ph2 gti-6 nile blue K.I.A dec 2010
Posted 13th Sep 2010 at 19:56

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