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Author Subject: My GTI-6 Project


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Hi Guys

I'm just after buying this 98 GTI 6, It has been off the road since 2014,

I used to rally 205's and 306's back in the day so have worked on them,

This will be the first one that hasn't been stripped and will be used on the road,

Where do I start, I was told it got an oil and filter last week and a new battery,

My basic list of Jobs are

CAM Belt,
Water Pump
New Thermostat
Flush water system
Remove AC and fit Rallye AUX belt set up
Exhaust is blowing think it needs a center section,
Replace Brake Pads/Discs Master Cylinder and get Calipers Refurbed,
Rebuild rear beam

There is an annoying grinding churning behind the dash, it sound like a motor changing the air flow direction is this possibly a issue ???

The car is destroyed in over spray as it was stored in a shed with other cars that lads were working on, so it will need to be wet sanded and polished, there is a small bit of rust on the hatch boot around the window so I will have to tackle that
Someone jacked it under the drivers side in the wrong spot and damaged the floor so it needs a bit of welding there but thats about it,

Got it's first bath in 6 years

Can anyone recommend anything else I should look at replacing/upgrading while I'm at it,

This is a long term project I have set my self 1 year to get it all done and on the road,

Posted 14th May 2020 at 17:12
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Hey Trevor and Welcome to the club! Wave

the pictures may not work because they are from a private link

i think you need the one with the shorter .jpg address there's a l;ittle bit about it [url=]https://support.google.com/photos/thread/390694?hl=en]here![/url]

the list looks like a needs must but have a good check over the car for rust spots
Sills are a prime spot but you'll probably have to take the side skirts off to see,..
also in the boot behind the side carpet (the ones glues to the side of the wheel arch) Ive just found a nasty one there,..
make sure you have a good shell then i'd move onto the mechanical!
top engine mount is a classic one for giving out support your engine and take a look!

the Aircon is getting very sought after in these cars,.
so if you don't wish to keep it then try remove it as carefully as possible that might bring you some money back towards your refurb job!

Big grin

there's plenty of experience lurking about so if your stuck with anything don't hesitate to post!
but do a search 1st LOL


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Posted 14th May 2020 at 19:25


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I found a bit around the rear window I'll check out the rest when I get it up on Stands,

Are they pictures showing now, I can see them but it is my Google Account they are on,

I found a page saying to add ?.jpg to the end of the Google address and it should work, They are very big will have to look into another option,

Posted 14th May 2020 at 19:32


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Posted 14th May 2020 at 19:42
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eiei0 wrote:

Looks like you’ve nailed it! Welcome along mate! Look forward to reading your updates! Thumbs up


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Posted 14th May 2020 at 20:27


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Got an hour at it today so I jacked it up and had a poke under the rear,

And under I go, Nothing to bad thankfully the spare wheel and carrier are crusty and a small bit of surface rust around the Bump stops,

This is all I could manage to loosen so I don't think that's too bad for an old Peugeot,

I will drop the beam and exhaust next time, the exhaust isn't right I was told it was from a D-Turbo so I need to source a replacement,
Posted 16th May 2020 at 17:48

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Nice big garage Trevor Thumbs up
Yes always good to have a good look underneath m8
Looks a really nice example
Posted 16th May 2020 at 18:28


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Thanks yes I'm lucky to have lots of room, it's about time I got something in it to mess about with,
Posted 16th May 2020 at 19:23


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So I better try to update this, I have spent a lot of time at this but don't have a lot to show for it,

I decided to start at the back and work forwards as I wanted to stay away from the engine as long as I could Big grin

Exhaust was removed as was the Beam and the Fuel Tank,

Tank was in good shape and cleaned up well,

Beam was sent down to JP Ruth to be rebuilt, Had a few Issues on it's return but to be fair I am very fussy and maybe JP didn't understand exactly what I wanted, But we got it sorted in the end,

I put in new Pins, Hubs, ARB End Caps, Seals All new mounts Stainless bolts and even went for the Powerflex Inserts to tighten up the Back Mount,

Backplates for the Discs I tried to clean them using electrolysis but the result was not good,

I sent them to a local Powder coater but for some reason the coating reacted to the metal and left the finish very poor, I got them stripped again else where and painted them, but I'm not sure if I will keep them as I think the color is a bit OTT, I should have just bought 2 new ones and got them powder coated black,

I also fitted Powerflex Yellow Bump stops and a Stud/Nut Kit

But that was the fun parts, While all that stuff was out I decided to clean and paint the underside of the car, These don't come with any sort of underseal from new but someone had sprayed some sort of soft Tar like material on it, while it was a pig to remove the floor was clean underneath it, they had not done the boot floor and you can see there was a few crusty bits but nothing that required any more than a wire brush some rust converter,

So about 4 weeks of lying on my back using a mixture of chemicals and sanding tools I primed and painted the underfloor boot area and the front and back wheel arches with Raptor Black Liner, I used spray cans as I didn't think my compressor would be able for it and I thought it would reduce the amount of over spray,

During cleaning

When Painted, Sorry Pics are poor Phone struggles in poor lighting

That's all the Pics I have of that part as It turned into a huge chore and I just wanted to get it done, Cans of Raptor have very poor coverage I think I used about 9 or 10 or them to do 2 coats and I could have done with giving some areas a 3rd but I needed to move on as this section of the project took 6 weeks, I am not sure how good it will be it feels like it will flake off easily but I guess time will tell,

I bought a can of underseal and painted under the rear bumper and where the side skirts go, I also added Rivnuts to attach the skirts in place of the standard rivets that the factory used,

I also Cavity Waxed all the cavities I could access using Bilt Hamber UB and I sprayed the wheel arches and the Side Skirt area with Bilt UC the prevent any chance of corrosion,

Tank was reinstalled with a new filter and everything cleaned,
Beam was reinstalled with all new items as above and new Bilstein B6 Shocks, also new brake lines and possibly one of the last new Bosch Brake regulators available in the world it took me months to find this and I have not been able to find another one,

All exhaust guards were blasted and zinc primed and painted in VHT Silver

Few bits I got Powder Coated,

Spare wheel and its carrier, Fuel Tank brackets and the Rear Beam Support Arms,

Really good company in Athy that did all this for small money, there was an issue with the Disc protectors but that was my fault more than them, Anyone want there number drop me a PM, Might not be show winning quality but it is still a good finish,

They do Shot Blasting with steel I believe so not really suitable for light materials (like Disc Guards)

They did the front subframe and ARB for me as well, which turned out well,

So after all this I felt brave and decided to tackle the biggest job I plan to do on the car, The Clutch, I am changing almost everything no matter if It needs it or not as ideally I don't want to have to strip it to this level again, So the plan was to drop the gearbox and tidy it up, do the clutch/pressure plate and the Crank seal behind the Flywheel,

This was a big job on my own with 2 bad jacks but got it all done thankfully, I hope the new seal is ok it's one of these job you wonder should you have just left it alone :|

Tip for anyone don't paint the ends of the fork that goes into the bushes as it causes the fork to bind when moving, thankfully I worked that out before I put the box back in,

New items here are, Clutch, Pressure plate, Crank Seal, Flywheel bolts, Fork bushings and a seal for the input shaft on the gearbox,

I am on first name terms with my local Pug Parts guy by this stage,

I am replacing every nut bolt washer clip and bracket along the way, (that I can still get) It works out cheaper to replace than to strip clean and paint the old stuff, I am keeping it all and will do it when I am finished to keep as spares,

Back in and bolted up, the fork is a bit tricky on there as it's a pull clutch but thankfully it slid it after a bit of wiggling :Oops:

That's about the last large item I have completed,

I rebuilt the steering rack, new boots Tie Rods and Track Rods

Got some stuff Vapor Blasted

Rebuilt the thermostat housing with all new hardware

And got the Brake Calipers rebuilt and Powder Coated Yellow

Might not seem like 6 months work, But I spend every free minute I have either working on it or researching parts or ways to rebuild/upgrade it,

With 2 small kids and a shift work job and a wife who also does shift opposite to me time is a big factor here, I am also skint as well which doesn't help Sad

Currently I am refitting the rear and middle section of the car, I am waiting for a few bits to be delivered and then I need to get the Timing belt done and can rebuild the front,

I purposely have not even looked at the rust on the boot door as that will be the last thing I do when it's running again, I have the NCT booked for early April to give me a date to work towards because if not I'll never get it finished,

List of Items to fit currently is:

(More a list for me)
Refurbished Rad, (new ones are scrap had to send 2 back as they were so poor)
Needs to source Silicone hoses to suit old style rad,
Drive Shaft Seals on Gearbox
Rebuild and fit subframe with all new bolts/nuts/washers, wishbones, Ball Joints Hubs bearings and new drive shafts,
New Rallye Air Con Delete Aux belt and tensioners
Powder coated Inlet Manifold with refurbed injectors and new regulator,
Refurbed Alternator,

:shock: that sounds a lot when written down, luckily I have 90% of the parts here as with Brexit getting stuff now will be tricky

I also want to fully Detail the car as it is covered in over spray from where it stood for 6 years, So it will get a full decon and 3 stage machine polish

Also the interior will be stripped and fully washed,

Anyone know a company that can retrim door cards and seats these are poor,

Hopefully It won't take as long for the next update,

Posted 15th Jan 2021 at 21:31


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Why are the Pics so large the look ok on the other site I added this too ??
Posted 15th Jan 2021 at 21:33

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