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Ellesmere port

3rd Oct 2006 00:22


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1st May 2018 16:21

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306 Rallye

Avo coilovers, 450lb springs, Gripper LSD, Lightweight flywheel & bottom pulley, balanced bottom end, gas flowed head, PT80 cams, Wayne Schofield remap, Roller bearing wishbone bushes,grp n strut top mounts, grp n engine mounts, fibreglass bonnet with aero catches, Hispec billet 4 calipers, DS2500's, rebuilt Xsara VTS rear beam with hybrid rear ARB, soild rear beam mounts, negative camber front hubs, top strut brace, bucket seats, 6point harnesses, Pipercross Viper airbox, gas flowed throttle body, Pugsport grp n exhaust system, rear cage, flocked dash and a funky suede steering wheel.

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