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Gti6 still not starting
Posted 17th Apr 2022 at 20:03

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Well, it's going to be one of three things.

Fuel, air or spark.

What checks have you done?

Edit: right, I see from other posts, you have swapped in bits from another car....to summarise questions already asked you don't seem to have answered:

Do you get an engine management light on the dash with ignition on?
Does the fuel pump prime with ignition on?
Have you checked the cut out button?
Are you getting fuel to the injectors?
Are you getting a spark at the plugs?
Have you checked you've connected everything and haven't inadvertently left something unplugged?

There are so many things it could be.....we need some more info before we can help.


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Posted 18th Apr 2022 at 10:19

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