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Author Subject: Seals/Gaskets where from?


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I'm going to tackle an engine bay freshen up on my Rallye soon, as the car is in great condition but the under bonnet lets it down a bit, mainly as the car gets virtually no use...

Where is the best place to get parts from?

Things like; inlet manifold & rocker cover gaskets, water temp sensor housing gaskets, injector seals, odd clips, O-rings and any other parts I replace along the way?

How much of this stuff is still available might be a better question....!

Many thanks,

Posted 17th Jul 2019 at 20:09


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I've done a few of these jobs on my Rallye recently:
Inlet gasket - local factor.
Rocker gasket - not replaceable. Use loctite SI 5980 from Halfords.
Injector seals - Mr Injector online

Other bits, clips etc, from dealer.


1343Z4 coolant hose o-rings for sale
198131 injector o-rings for sale
Posted 18th Jul 2019 at 08:33

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The rocker cover gaskets were, as said, not replaceable. The recommended replacements are made by a company called Thermotec. Can't see they've got any on eBay at the mo.

As for the rest.....

Inlet manifold gasket - 0349 G1 - marked as NFP on Servicebox
Water temp sensor housing - 1340 33 - still available from Peugeot, £2.78 Inc VAT
Injector o rings. Set of 2 - 1981 31 - still available from Peugeot but bloody expensive at £22.51 Inc VAT for a pair.

Get yourself onto Servicebox. Loads of info there....you can pick up the part numbers and use those to search the rest of the net.


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Posted 18th Jul 2019 at 09:26


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Nice one, thanks a lot. I'll do some digging and get parts ordered,
Posted 18th Jul 2019 at 14:00

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Got some throttle body gaskets if it helps?


Posted 29th Jul 2019 at 22:08

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