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Author Subject: FAQ Adding Photos to your Posts using hosting
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since we downgraded the hosting of the forum to make it cheaper for us to pay for and free again for you guys some changes had to be made
one of them were that pictures on threads are now no longer supposed by the forum, instead you'll need to host your own pictures and video's else where!
here's a quick tutorial on how this can be done!

there places like Photobucket Flicker or Blogs you can host your pictures then use the IMG Tagline to your pictures to host them here!
Photobucket has started watermarking the images so and easy one to start with is https://i.imgur.com
this is pretty quick and easy to get you started I've only just signed up to see how it works so if i'm missing some of the finer details you'll have to excuse me!

Sign up!,.. this is pretty self explanatory just follow the steps!
once your on the site and signed up you can start uploading pictures to host!
hopefully these pictures will explain how!

then once you Copy the BBCode you should be able to host pictures like so,..

I hope this helps some of you out!


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Posted 10th Mar 2019 at 23:21

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