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Author Subject: Nissens rad


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I ordered a nissens rad from eBay in March this year and it looks like the top picture in the post on 1st impressions when opening the box I thought the quality of it was poor with the Finns showing on top. How ever I fitted it regardless as my original was knackered. Once I got the car on the road in April I noticed that my engine runs very hot. I bleed the system rad fans kick in when supposed to and the correct coolant. My temperature gauge works as normal. But I feel that this rad fitted to my rallye isn't cooling my car properly as mentioned the engine is boiling hot after 10 minutes to the point if you put your hand on the rocker cover you will burn your hand. I have taken it back off the road now until next summer and I hope to find a better unit than the one that is fitted because something is not right with this rad


Posted 28th Nov 2020 at 16:42

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Yes these are rubbish now and it's not just 306 ones, I have found NRF at least on the 205 front are the same as the old style and also have a drain plug which the Nissens never did


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I sent it back to AutoDoc, brought my original rad to a local Rad place and the flushed it and fixed a small pin hole and hopefully it will be ok,

Guy there said all new rads these days are junk, he searched all his suppliers and no one does a old style brazed rad there all mechanical constructed, which seemly is bad,

Posted 9th Dec 2020 at 00:19

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