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Author Subject: Advice on wiring removal-alarm, central locking


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Car is a phase 2 GTi-6 and I'm in the process of removing excess wiring from inside the car but there's a couple of things I need to check:

Iv unplugged all the wiring from the alarm box and have an orange wire which goes to a plug and a yellow wire which disappears into the door.
I assume I can cut these two wires out.

Under the base of the rear seats there's another black box which I think is the central locking module, can all the wiring be removed for this? There seems to be a load of earth wires here aswell so can they be removed too?

I'm only wanting to open the car with the key in the door so alarm/central locking not needed at all.

One last thing, can I remove the immobiliser completely? And would I need an unlocked ecu to do this?


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Posted 17th Sep 2017 at 13:49

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