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Author Subject: Cutting out for first few minutes


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I recently rebuilt my head after a cambelt failure, still having little problems here and there mainly due to not knowing how the car ran prior to repairing it.

Now Im sure I never had this problem for the first 250 miles or so but now when the car has been stood for a while (near enough cooled down) when I start it up it starts fine but then when maneuvering off the drive or car park it just dies once the clutch is dipped. I then go to restart it and it turns over and struggles to start slightly before it fires up and goes. Then once iv'e revved it up a little and gone about 100 yards up the road its fine, no cutting out at all. But the last few nights its been cutting out at least 5x before leaving the car park

I've got an older rotten 6 which I have been using for parts as on the whole it ran ok, I swapped the genuine cat and lambda, coolant temp sensors, over the past couple of weeks as they were newly replaced before swapping cars. And tonight I replaced the ICV from it to see if it helped. Admittedly it had its moments on the old car but they were rare after I cleaned it.

Should I go ahead and buy a new Magneti Marelli one and hope this sorts it and both were faulty (and map whilst im there) or are there any other things I should look into first.

Posted 21st Oct 2014 at 18:50

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