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Author Subject: Supercharged or turbo

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allanallen wrote:
aaron6 wrote:
I want to see someone do it.
Did you mare use a decomp plate change the pistons?

Someone has done it? I've just shown you the pictures???LOL

As I say the engines completely standard, it's done over 120k and has a motor factors cardboard style head gasket.

No more pics at the minute, I'll get some next time I see him

Bear with me folks, i'm in the process of brewing a low cost turbo conversion that will cost ALOT less than £5k. As it's been said, if you know what bits your looking for and you can do a large chunk of the work yourself then very good and reliable results can be had.
Posted 8th Mar 2014 at 23:00


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I'm Currently doing a turbo build using a gt30. I've cut 2 std manifolds up and made a template thats now with an engine company being built with an estimate price off 400-500 quid. The turbo's brand new and together they would have cost 1500 quid. I've got low comp pistons and rods and got them cheap. even with paying 1000 for conrods and pistons thats around 2,500 allow an extra 1500-2000 for injecters, engine work, pipework etc.

I'll be doing a project thread but the plan is currently 400-450bhp to match the super high boosts. I can't see a turbo build being anyless reliable then the charger.


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Turbo'd '6 project - work in progress
Posted 30th Mar 2014 at 15:25

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