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Author Subject: Headlight wiring?????

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Hi peeps ive just brought a set of black angel headlights for my blaze p2 gti6 just wondering how to wire them in and also how do i set the height as i understand i cant use the auto adjuster????

Many thanks

Posted 2nd Sep 2009 at 23:01
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One question mark is enough. Roll eyes

If you've bought them new they will have all necessary instructions with them. If they are second hand and do not have the instructions you will have to see what needs doing when you get them as different makes require different wiring.

I can't see them being difficult to install. It's usually just the halo rings you need to wire in. Everything else should work off the standard plugs.

The height adjustment is normally just a screw mechanism if they can't use the standard adjusters.


Posted 2nd Sep 2009 at 23:41

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