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Author Subject: Removing the loom block under wiper


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Under the wiper motor on the driver side I have removed the allen screw in the plastic cover and the plastic cover is off but I cant remove it to remove the dash??
Posted 2nd Sep 2009 at 15:39

aka Jim Davey

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Keep working it from side to side, they can be a right bas**rd top get out. WD40 wont help either unfortunately as it has a seal round the edge, just got to keep at it I'm afraid.


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Posted 2nd Sep 2009 at 15:41
chris with a pug

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di you remove the other metal torques screw under the plastic allen plug?
Posted 7th Sep 2009 at 00:47

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chris with a pug wrote:
di you remove the other metal torques screw under the plastic allen plug?

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Posted 7th Sep 2009 at 04:00

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