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Since we all like gadgets i should write up a DIY Auto Dimming rear view mirror thread. Are you tyred of other cars blinding your sight when you drive at night then this is it. I fitted one in my car a few mothns back so i thought i should wright the hole story.

The following can be done to either a 306 or Xsara with or without sensors.

So from this:

Now we move to something better.

Donnor came from a Renault Scenic but you can use anything from the Peugeot and Citroen range especialy the late C5 (basic equipment). And can be found on a scrap yard i believe for no more than 50 Gbp. These mirrors have two light sensors. One in the front and one in the back. By measuring the ambient light (night or day) they automatically adjust the colour of the crystal so less light from the rear cars comes to your eyes and blind you. They can be from clear to dark blue and tend to block the source of light of the on comming traffic from behind.

Firt you have to remove your OEM mirror from the windshield simply by pushing the hole thing in a slide kind of motion. Be very carefull not to brake the glass. Once you have the mirror in your hands you can start preparing the new one.

The Auto dimming one has two wires comming out of the back through the arm that holds it on place and since we are NOT using this arm we have to remove it. Removal is very simple.

There is small metal clip at the base of the arm that holds the adjusting ball in to place. Use a screwdriver and remove it by lifting it up. Once done twist and pull the arm out (dont lose the clip you need it later)

Now remove the arm from the mirror that came of your car out.It can be a bit tricky as there is no clip so basically you have to twist and pull (hard) until it pops out of place. Keep it for the time you need that one too.

Lets go back to the Auto Dimm one again. Since there is no way now for the wires to come out of the mirror we have to open the casing and reroute them. To do so use a butter knife and prise open one side of the cassing gently.... and work your way around until the two are seperated.

And using the butter knife again remove the class from the other half of the cassing. Do it gently as there is a film of double sided adessive tape to hold the class in place and absorb any vibration but this shouldn't be a problem.

Now turn around the glass and you should see where the wire is attached to.

Make an extention for these wires to connect to the car and wrap them with black tape.
Next you have to drill a new hole for the wires to come out of the cassing. Use a drill wide enough for the wires to come out as in photo (red circle).

At this stage its a good time to decide whether you want to keep the grey colour or have it in black. If so use a can of mat black paint and give it a go.

Once finnished pull the wires through the new hole you made earlier and close the mirror cassing.

Turn around the mirror and fit the clip you removed earlier in place. It can be a bit tricky to put but with a pair of plyers everything is possible.

Now use the arm that you got form your mirror (the OEM one) and push it in the hole. It should click with ease in place and your half way there.

By now you should have this.

Time to fit the mirror in place. Slide the arm lock it in place and pull the wires through the headlinning into the reading light.

Here you have two options. Use the wires from the small reading light which at least in my car its a swiched circuit or route them under the dash to your favour. Power consumption is minnimal so you dont have to use the headlight switch to activate the mirror.
Here is mine you can see the two wires i am talking about. Cut and solder there the two wires from the mirror and you are done (polarity essential).

Fit the cover in place and there you go.

I hope this is to good use for you.

Forum Admin if you want and other members agree you can move that to the FAQ section.

Thanks for reading.

From Greece Yanni.

I am not responsible for the dammage you may cause to your car if you try the above!!! This is a DIY job for the confident and can be used to get the idea of whats behind the instalation proccess.

Big grin Big grin Big grin


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Posted 16th Apr 2009 at 00:19

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I used a 406 coupe one, the base of the mirror covers the rain sensor just like the 306 one, tis good Smile


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Posted 15th Apr 2009 at 23:25
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The 406 one is a direct fit as said Yes

It also has a manual on/off button for the auto dimming.

There are two versions of it; the early one is a two wire one as above and the later ones have a wired reverse cut-off that automatically turns the auto dimming off while reverse gear is selected.


Posted 16th Apr 2009 at 04:35

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