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Author Subject: Heater Matrix Guide

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A brief explanation of how to remove the dashboard to access the heater matrix. I didn't change the matrix, but this allows the access you require to change it.

Peugeot quote 12 hours to remove and replace a dash alone.

Not only do you have to take apart the whole dash, but you have to remove things in the engine compartment too to access the retaining screws.

He's a very quick list of things you will have to do:

1) Remove centre dash consol covers (bottom and upper)
2) Remove headunit
3) Unscrew 2 brass nuts on the inner side, eitherside of the headunit slot
4) Disconnect cigarette lighter, clocks & remove centre consol buttons
5) Disconnect 2 cables from behind the heater control
6) Undo upper glove box (disarm airbag 1st)
7) Remove steering wheel (disarm airbag 1st)
8) Remove steering column casing
9) Remove 2 securing nuts on steering column & drop steering column down.
10) Remove indicator and wiper stalks
11) Remove the speedo housing, unclipping the 3 connector blocks behind it, as well as the speedo cable
12) Undo fuse box cover, pull out small straight section of air duct directly above the fuse box
13) Undo the securing nuts of the dash on the passenger side footwell, and drivers side
14) Pull the bonnet release to open the bonnet
15) Undo the bonnet release
16) Remove centre consol (Surrounding handbrake, and the coin holder. 2 screws on either side
17) Remove handbrake handle
18) Remove gear knob - Pull hard. Don't smack yourself in the face!
19) Disconnect 2 connector blocks under the passenger side footwell (1 should be red and the other brown). Possibly 1 more, depending on model.
20) Working inside the bonnet, remove plastic skuttle
21) Remove 2 black triangle plates
23) Remove the rubber cover from under the skuttle on the passenger side
24) Remove wiper motor and wiper arms
25) You will see the main loom connector on the drivers side, under the wiper motor, unscrew the securing bolt in the middle, and seperate the loom connector.
26) Above the loom connector there's a brass coloured screw coming through the bulkhead with a nut on it. Unscrew this, and the other 2 found on the bulkhead too, one in the centre and the last on the passenger side.
27) Check inside the car again for any last blots etc securing the dash on, then using 2 people lift the dash up and out.

PS Thats just to get the dash out, then you have to fix the heater matrix.

Thanks to Kipps for the pictures too

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Posted 8th Jan 2005 at 21:34

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Also, this isn't a gti-6/rallye specific guide. There are a few little extra's specific to the gti-6, however these are easy to remove on the way. Thanks of Kev for pointing these out too!

PPS. Feel free to add/remove bits according to your experiences. Just PM a member of admin to do this

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Posted 8th Jan 2005 at 21:37


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hi there i have followed your guide to removing your dashboard and it is currently loose, i have two problems one being my matrix has just stopped working over the winter? Crazy dont know if it can be fixed or should i just replace with a new one? (the thermostat was removed by prevous owner) and also my wireing loom for the drivers door has at least 6+ wires snapped so my toad alarm dosnt lock my doors or my electric windows dont work ether... so can i buy a new loom for my drivers door or do i have to bodge job it? any ideas on the matrix? pleaseeee hellppp!!! thanks rob


Posted 17th Apr 2011 at 02:47


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Posted 18th Apr 2011 at 03:36

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