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Author Subject: weight reduction results, xsi vs stock gti6

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between my xsi that been somewhat lightened and my new stock gti6. there was only 60kgs difference between the two.

the xsi list is

bonnet carpet delete
lightweight dtm wing mirrors
removed rear passenger headrests
deleted rear wiper+motor
aircon condensor rad, pipework and tank removed
front foglights removed
normal sized battery replaced with an odysey pc680 (relocated to under passenger seat)
PAS front steel pipe replaced with tiny stainless u-bend
twin fan arrangement converted to single fan.
all the rust thats fallen off Big grin

all this made the xsi a grand total weight of 1160kgs
the stock gti6 came in at 1220kgs

the scales at my work place only go in 20kg incriments so the above is not super accurate by any means.

the xsi does handle a lot better in the corners compared to the gti. steering feels lighter and more connected too, less wallowy. just hasnt got the power, or the noise.

i figure i could get the same feeling but without the weightloss/butchery with a suspension upgrade. i have a cheap set of coilovers+topmounts+bearings ready to go but im not so sure if i should get something better.


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honestly the effort of doing that lot vs the weight saved and also functionality is counterproducive LOL

that makes the gti6 136bhp/tonne
that makes the xsi 116bhp/tonne

aside from the battery the rest is going to make very little difference. adding another 60kg to the xsi only changes the bhp/tonne by 5bhp


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1.9 td in a 5 door 205, pump turned up, 100 bhp, 850kg...


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