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Author Subject: Sideskirts glue application???


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Want to put my sideskirts on this weekend which I bought a year ago. Just had a look & it seems its just a matter of glueing these babies on and add a couple of screws. However not sure what kind of glue to use. Was thinking of some silicone, but Im not sure whether that would be strong enough. Anybody have an ideas or facts? Cheers

Edit: Found some stuff called sikaflex 255 and 552. One (255) is on ebay saying its for what i need at a price of 8, the other (552) is from another forum BUT ebay description is used for caravans & at a price of 20. Has anyone tried any of these and which would be the best option as i want the convidence its not going to fall off. Cheers.

Posted 22nd Oct 2010 at 02:02

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Sikaflex 255 or Tiger seal.


I'm Si btw Tee hee

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Posted 23rd Oct 2010 at 14:13

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