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Author Subject: Please help ,Silly French electrics


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Hi guys,

I would really apreciate some help . I have recently purchased my first 306 6. I haven't really had any problems up untill yesterday.
I set off from my house and relised the indicators had stopped working,the electric mirrors had also stopped working,and the window wipers will only work on the fastest setting.
This all cannot be a coinsidence.
The strange thing is although the indicators have stopped working the hazards still work.I have check all the fuses inside the car.

Anybody any idea what this may be.
Thanks in Advance ,Aidan Smile
Posted 15th Sep 2009 at 15:56
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Recheck the fuses with a meter and do a continuity check on them. Yes



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Posted 20th Sep 2009 at 23:30

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