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15th Oct 2006 02:07


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306 1.4 - 98 rabbit powah.

Gaz front dampers with twin springs.
Fox remote reseviour rear dampers.
307 brakes with 1144's, 2-piece floating wavy discs, reshimmed M/C and anti-knockback kit in calipers and brake cylinders.
Braided hoses.
A touch of negative camber + extra castor.
Anthracite Mi16 alloys.
Intake modifications with PTFE gaskets.
Reworked manifolds.
Innovate LC-1 wideband.
Short throw gear linkages (homemade, can't get them otherwise :S )
Half leather S16 seats. 2-stage Polyurethane lower engine mount, modified upper mount.
24mm rear ARB.
Lower strut brace
Rose Jointed alloy droplinks.
Carbon fibre upper brace.
Ported head, 10.4 compression.
Lightweight rocker arms with hardened hollow bolts, vernier pulley.
Rose jointed fully-adjustable wishbones.
EN36 gearset, modified 4-spider differential
Kevlar Clutch, lightweight flywheel.
ZX rear trailing arms, solid beam mounts.
Glacier DX rear beam bearings with titanium-nitrided arm shafts.
Seam welded front subframe.
Adjustable top mounts.
Kelated metallic rear brake shoes, with lightweight drums.
Uprated rod bolts and wrist pins.
Rose jointed, aluminium alloy steering arms.
2.2 turn quick rack.

2000 Peugeot 306 v6

  • 2900cc
  • Blue
  • 135,000 miles


Location: Pontypool

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