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Author Subject: Phase 2 Fuse Box FAQ

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Sorry about the pics I dont have a P2 Whistle

Image courtesy of prshaw82. Fuse list courtesy of www.peugeotlogic.com

306 fuse box under steering column.

F1 10A Radio (On with Ignition)
F1A 10A Radio (Constant on) - NB: 1A means fuse in lower position
F2 5A Instrument panel warning lamps, tachometer, fuel gauge, coolant thermostat, selector lever light (auto.)
F3 15A Fan relay, pressostat, AC compressor cut-off relay
F4 10A Front sidelamps, right tail lamp
F5 10A Heater blower, engine passenger compartment sensor, switch heated rear screen timer.
F6 10A Front fog lamps
F7 20A Cooling fan thermal switch, fan relay, coolant thermostat, horns
F8 Not Usrd
F9 5A Left tail lamp
F10 30A Rear electric window
F11 30A Hood (cabriolet)
F12 10A Instrument panel warning light, starter inhibitor switch and relay, reversing lights, overspeeding buzzer, water in fuel sensor, dim-dips, eingine coolant level sensor
F13 15A Hazard warning
F14 15A Relay supply dipped beam, coded anti-start unit
F15 30A Front and rear courtesy lamp, boot light, infra red receiver, central locking control unit, supply relay low speed fan, coolant temp. unit, thermal switch
F16 20A Cigar lighter (Constant live)
F 16A 20A Cigar lighter (On with ignition) NB: 16A means fuse in lower position
F17 20A Central locking, dead locking unit
F18 10A Rear fog lights
F19 10A Side lamp warning lamp, lights on buzzer. Illumination: clock, switch, instrument panel, radio, cigar lighter.
F20 30A Heated seats
F21 30A AC/heater blower motor, mixing flap motor, air inlet flap motor, AC switch, AC ECU, passenger compartment temp. sensor.
F22 20A Rear wiper, rear interior light (Affaire) central locking control unit, dead locking
F23 Shunt
F24 30A Windscreen wiper front and rear, headlight and screen wash.
F25 5A Clock, radio
F26 20A Electric aerial, caravan socket connector
F27 30A Heated rear screen, heated mirrors. Rear screen demist (cabriolet)
F28 15A Instrument panel warning lamps, additional regulation unit, stop lights, front and rear electric front windows, sun roof, load warning lamp, digital clock, electric hood.
F29 30A Electric front windows, sun roof.
F30 15A Indicators, front and rear interior lights, map reading lamp, vanity mirror lamp, one touch electric window control, infra red receiver, electrically controled mirrors, lights on buzzer

Engine Bay

F31 30A ABS
F32 Shunt
F33 40A Fan, instrument panel warning lamps
F34 40A Fan
F35 10A Fuel pump
F36 30A Oxygen Sensor
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Well researched sorry i mean stolen So 25 is stereo as in my phase 3 but with a completely different fuse box Crazy

So the stereo feed for live is from 1?


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Posted 27th Jul 2007 at 02:54

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