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Author Subject: Ultrasonics replacement FAQ

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Does your siren go off when nobody is near the car?

Are you tired of having to remember to disable the ultrasonics every time you lock the car?

Then its time to get them replaced!

Theres no way of fixing your existing ultrasonics; they are a very delicate microphone and speaker that transmits a frequency and listens for it. Any interruptions to the sound being recieved will cause the siren to go off.

After a while, the sound transmitted (or the sound being heard by the microphone) becomes distorted because the components are no longer working as they should so the alarm starts going off randomly.

The button on the steering column can be used to temporaily turn off ultrasonics. You need to press and hold this button until the alarm LED goes on solid, every time you wish to lock your car Sad

They can also be disabled permanently by unplugging the ultrasonics on a phase 2. On a phase 3, if you can find the ultrasonic driver unit (behind the drivers fuse box), unplugging will result in non functional rain sensitive wipers Sad. But never mind - you can unclip the ultrasonic housing on the A pillar cover and just put a bit of masking tape over them to shut them up for a while.

OK the FAQ.

If you have a phase 2 car, this is easy - order part number 668000 from peugeot (£32.30 with VAT), pop open your A pillar covers and swap them out, paying attention to what colour is supposed to be on what side. Done.

If you have a phase 3, there are 2 options.

First you could pay 80 odd quid for the phase 3 ultrasonics loom that also includes the rain sensitive wiper sensor and needs to be routed through the dashboard and into the roof lining; probably including taking the dashboard out


Buy phase 2 ultrasonics (part number 668000) for £32.20 and a pack of bullet connectors (2 quid?) and attach them onto your existing loom.

I bought the crimping style connector from Maplin and used a pair of pliers to crimp the connectors onto the wires

Each side is only 2 wires; a silver wire that is bare, and a gold wire with clear insulation

The phase 2 ultrasonics come as a pair, one with a yellow connector and one with a red connector. Chop these off at the connector and crimp one half of the connector to each of the wires.

I dont think it matters which side you put what colour connector as a microphone and a speaker are essentially the same thing. I didnt find out the set up on a phase 2, :dry but I put the red ultrasonic on the drivers side and mine works a treat.

Crimp the other half of the bullet connector onto the existing loom. Make sure you are cutting the right wires!

Connect up the bullet connectors and make sure that you marry up the silver/gold wires and that the plastic covers completely cover the metal.

You will probably find that when you connect the wires up, the length is wrong for the A pillar. On the drivers side you can push any excess wire into the hole in the dash that the wire comes from.

The passenger side is a little tricky as the ultrasonic wire is taped to the rain sensitive wire all the way up the loom to about 3 inches from the ultrasonic. Fear not, there should be plenty of space behind the A pillar cover for you to carefully place any excess wire.

Carefully replace the A pillar covers making sure the plastic rail goes into its guide and that all wires are in their clips as best you can. Line up the two plastic pegs into their holes and give it a few gentle thumps Big grin

Finally testing your ultrasonics:

Wind down a window and get out the car. Now lock and alarm the car. Wait 2 minutes then stick your hand through the open window. If the siren goes off, you're onto a good start.

Next close the window, get out the car and lock and alarm it.

If the siren doesnt go off randomly, you've done it and saved yourself a bundle!

The third test is not recommended. Put a brick through your window and check the alarm sounds. You might want to wait until a burgaler attempts this as I am unsure if insurance companies will pay for new windows that were damaged for testing purposes Unsure Wink
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