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Author Subject: Hotlinking images FAQ

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I know most people here know how to do this but I have been asked how to do this recently so heres the guide once and for all....

Before I talk about how to hotlink, a quick word on image resizing:

Many people ask how to resize pictures, particularly for posting avatars as they need to be at the most 150x150 and 8K. There are several free programs that can do this.

Gimp (stands for Graphic Image Processing, nothing to do with the popular pulp fiction character) is a powerful application with which you can perform advanced picture editing. It also has a resize feature in.

If you only need a tool to resize your images then you can use something like VSO or Resizr
cheers Charlie and Thugpuggin

OK so on to hotlinking:

If you dont wish to post tiny pictures one per reply, heres how us geeks do it

First get an account with photobucket or imageshack

I used photobucket for this demo

Before I continue, I'll just say that these sorts of sites are notoriously easy to browse. As soon as you start hotlinking images off these sites, you are essentially giving people the means to look at any photo you have uploaded to that account. You could always create a second account using a different email address if you dont want people here seeing pics of your family members, pets, holiday snaps, favorite donkey, etc Smile

Register and log in. This should take you to the upload page:

Click browse and navigate to the file you wish to upload.

Once uploading is complete, click the "images" button towards the bottom of the screen to view details of files you have uploaded

From here you can copy the link needed to hotlink the image straight into your post

This forum uses the [IMG] style

You can resize any images using the edit button

The current standard seems to be 800x600 which is a good comprimise between image size and image quality

Paste the [IMG] code into your post and put any comments you wish

You can now have multiple images in one post and not be limited by the 600x450 / 65K image size. Note that I only actually posted one image in the next post, but just did this mock up to illustrate you can post more than one Geek

Note that you do not use the attach button to do this

And the result is:

Look at my lovely picture!
Posted 7th Jun 2007 at 16:11

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