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It will not have escaped everyone's notice that the general standard of conduct on the forum has been decending rapidly over recent months. This forum prides itself on being a pleasant and welcoming community to all members, regardless of their experience; with the one uniting interest being the GTi-6/Rallye.

Being a single model forum, this site will always naturally have an air of the 'elite' to it. This specialism, and the level of expertise that exists in many of the members here stand the club apart from many of the other generic Peugeot clubs; Peugeot Sport Club UK and Pug306.net. In many ways, this makes the site a victim of its own success, although it will always remain welcoming of new members.

Just to remind you of a few simple rules on which this forum is based; comply with these and you'll be guaranteed a warm reception.


  • use the search before starting a new thread - the forum has nearly 4 years worth of valuable information built up in FAQs, and a rolling 1 years worth in other forums. Whatever you want to ask, it's probably been talked about before. Members will always be happy to help, if you've at least made the effort to search first.

  • title new threads according to their content - this helps with search, but helps others in deciding what to read.

  • keep it in the right forum - there are 24 separate forums on this site, so there should be one for whatever you want to say. Take the time to consider which forum to post in before posting.

  • keep threads on topic - try to keep threads in the technical fora on-topic, and start a new one in 'General' or 'Off-Topic' if you need to. This will help those reading the thread after you actually learn from it.

  • remember, this is a GTi-6 and Rallye club - by all means, ask for help with other models, but tone down the attitude and remember where you are.

  • learn how to use the forum codes - particularly for links. There is extensive user guide on forum codes and specific help on links in the FAQ.

  • and finally, but most importantly use decent, understandable English when posting - it is common courtesy to help others understand what you're saying. The odd typo/spelling mistake is unavoidable, but it takes no time at all to use the shift key, simple punctuation and avoid text speak. And most of all, read your post before you hit submit. Remember, you can always use 'Edit' to correct mistakes or delete duplicate posts. Persistent ignorance of this rule will be frowned upon.

  • If you have any queries about usage of the forum, or suggestions to improve it, please use the Feedback forum or send a PM to a member of the Forum Admin team.


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