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Author Subject: XSi to GTi-6 inlet manifold conversion FAQ


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parts needed:

a set of allen keys
flat head and phillips screwdrivers
13mm socket
allen key socket although i cant remember the size
soldering iron and electrical tape for extending wires
long nose pliers for removing the hook type hose clips
a new gti-6 inlet manifold gasket
torque wrench

1.right as with any engine work the first thing to do is disconnect the battery
then remove the fuel cap to remove some of the pressure in the fuel system

right this is what we are starting with:

2,the next step is to remove the air box and trunking and this is just a case of undoing the hose clip and pulling the air box out

3,now remove the fuel pipes that connect to the fuel rail but beware as there will be a lot of fuel still in them it is a good idea to pack to cloth under the pipes to soak up the fuel

4,disconnect the 2 big breather pipes from the rocker cover and hook then around the lifting bracket to keep them out of the way and allow access to the manifold bolts

5,next thing to do is disconnect all the electrical plugs from the manifold (injectors, tps, maps sensor, aits) and the vacume connections, my tip is to get some masking tape and right on it what each pull is for and stick it around the pull so you know where they go and also disconnect the throttle cable

6,remove the 4 bolts that hold the fuel rail in position and now give the fuel rail a good pull and it will come out

now you have this:

and then give the injectors a wiggle and a pull and they'll come out

7,right now its on to removing the manifold which is just a case of undoing some allen key bolts and some 13mm bolt aswell as a 10mm bolt near the dip stick

one the are undone give the manifold a wiggle and it will come away

now we have this:

now do a test fit with the new manifold and you will find that the power steering pipe is in the way

this one:

8,what i had to do was take the bracket off and undo the main bolt and rotate the pipe and then bend the bottom part slightly and the it cleared fine

like this:

9,now we have to get the manifold ready to go on and start with the sensors, the sensors i swapped over from the original manifold where the map sensor, stepper motor and the air intake temp sensor and the are 2 wires that need extending and the first is the map sensor which needs extending 18" and the next is the throttle body heater plug (yellow one) by 12"

10, put the inlet manifold gasket in place and slot the manifold in to position,

this is where i ran in to another problem as the stand manifold had a thicker flange on it than the gti-6 one the bolts for the inlet manifold now turned out to be too long and what i did was cut 5mm off each bolt but its up to you if you want to do this or buy new shorter bolts

i didn't have a manual to hand but i torqued the bolts up to 12 lb/ft

now reverse steps 1-7 and you will end up with this:

and also slightly more hp, loads more response and a very nice rumble tone

this was done on a 406 coupe and may differ from other models
this is ment as a guide for people to use and is not the one and only way to do it as others may find easy or betters ways to do things but it worked for me
and last but not least i take no responsibility for anyone doing this and cocking things up

good luck

Posted 1st May 2007 at 19:35
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Probably not the most relevant FAQ for this forum, but why not, eh Laugh


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Posted 1st May 2007 at 19:36

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