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Author Subject: Ph1 to Ph2/Ph3 headlight change FAQ


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heres something for all ph.1 owners - maybe you been thinking about changing those ph.1 headlights with ph.2/3 crystals, but they told you that you need to change whole front end?

heres a little guide, copy paste from a croatian forum, which explains how to make a swap without changing the whole front end, however this process requires some cutting so be warned, and if youre not ready for it, ask someone experienced first..

also, im not sure if i used the proper term for all tools and lights but i will correct them if necessary
sidelight or a repeater
dipped beam is what i think should be the position light
short beam is a short light and long is a long

of course, i know this is not a best of guides, it was real hard for me to find the right words for some of the terms he used, so know what youre doing before you do this, and if youre not sure, dont start this FAQ, i will not be responsible for any damage caused..hope we understood each other Whistle

before you start:
Tools required: drill - were gonna cut some holes, grinder, screwdrivers, saw for metal, silicone kit, torx - of course

Step 1

first you unscrew the old headlights and grille. theres four clips on the grille, remove the badge, and underneath the badge theres a screw that you need to unscrew and then you remove the grille.

press the clips on the headlights, unclip the wire connectors and the sidelight is out, yes, they are separated from the rest of the headlight on ph.1

to remove the rest of the headlight, you need to remove the angle height motor, and wires for short and dipped beam, and theres three screws that youll need to unscrew and the old headlights are ready for removal

Step 2

this is a trial fitting of the ph.2 crystals, we see that the headlights fit in nicely, but they are fatter than the ph.1, so were gonna cut some metal around the lights

here on the pics below, with blue arrow i marked the size of metal that we cut, and the red triangle is a part of the chassis that we grinded a bit to make the headlight fit in.

dont forget to smooth the surface after grinding, and paint the whole work with paint, to prevent the grinded surfaces from rusting

Step 3

again, trial fitting, now we tried with grille on

beacuse headlights still didnt fit in properly, we needed to remove the metal clips and some other fixings around the headlight, but dont worry, were gonna made some that fit. that part of work took most of the time because you need to be very patient while you cut new clip, fit it and then cut some more, you also need to be very careful because you dont want to break your headlight or something else

i marked a new clip with a red arrow, and please note that blue triangle on the grille, that part of the grille was also grinded in order to fit headlights perfectly with old grille

Step 4

this is a general fitting now, we put everything back together and tighten all screws, then double checked if everything sits as it should

Step 5

because ph.2 headlights came without sidelight housing, we used the ph.1 housing for the sidelight, but new headlight has only 3 holes for clips,and old housing has 4 clips, you need to remove 2 clips, those 2 are on the outside of the car.
motor for regulating light angle was also transfered to the new headlight

(sorry but i dont have pics for this step)

Step 6

now comes the wires...on the ph.1 headlights connector for the dipped beam is separated from the rest of the wiring, on the ph.2 thats not the case, so were gonna need to connect it to the 5 pins connector, when you count the wires it all comes up

the fat green wire is a negative pole, blue wire is a short beam positive, white wire is a long beam positive, thin white wire is a dipped beam postitive, thin green wire is a dipped beam negative

this is a picture for a right headlight. in order to read the scheme correctly for the left headlight, you need to read it from the lowest row first, then going upwards.

turning headlights on, its working...

a mate of mine has painted those clips we made, without him i would give up a long time ago

Final step

we returned everything into place, just where it should be

this is how it all looks in the end, of course there going to be some work done the match the hood with the line of the headlight, but it looks real nice, now youre just one more FAQ away from making crystals into black masks LOL

(i hope that someone will try all this and do a propper FAQ. thank you all, and thanks to Lumina, hes the author.)
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Good guide Thumbs up

I helped my mate do this once but we did the full front conversion, fiddly but sooooo worth it Smile
Posted 23rd Apr 2007 at 21:12
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Not really a question asked much LOL
But shifted anyway Thumbs up


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Vrs power!!
Posted 23rd Apr 2007 at 23:07

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