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Author Subject: Build Code & Date Of Production
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Every car built in PSA Group factories is given a Build Code (also called RP or ORGA number for Citroens). This is normally a 4 digit long number and identifies where the vehicle came in the production run.

This can be used to determine the exact age of the vehicle (as opposed to date from registration info, which is all that RAC vehicle info etc. have to go on), as well as parts suitability - for instance where there was a changeover or variation during production you may see references such as “From O 8161” in the parts system..

To find the Build Code of your 6 or Rallye, you need to look under the bonnet:

yellow arrow - earlier cars, the Build Code is painted (probably in green) onto the driver's side suspension turret. It is a 6 digit number, the first 4 digits of which are your Build Code.

blue arrow – in later cars the Build Code can be found on a small white sticker on the passenger side bulkhead.

Early car (the BC here is 7518):

Later car (the BC here is 8612):

The present Build Code/ORGA system was introduced in the 1970s where they started with 0001 and have added 1 to the number each day since (irrespective of whether the factory was working on that day or not).

I have built a widget to decipher your Build Code, if you want to find out the actual date your car was produced. Geek Big grin


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