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Author Subject: Quickshift Fitting


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Hey guys,

Been thinking about buying a quickshift kit for my '6'. Just wanted to know if anybody else has got one and if they are any good. Also are they easy to fit. Ecosse have one and its not that expensive.

Posted 5th Jul 2006 at 03:47

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I fitted mine last week -

Time for a little FAQ:

First of all remove the longest gear linkage from the selector rod on the gearbox. - This can be a bugger - i ended up using a large metal rod and levered it off from above.

From Below:

Lower the quickshift over the selector rod on the gearbox - The lower it is the shorter the shift supposedly.

When in position tighten the pinch bolt up to secure the quickshift.

Just make sure it's tight or it will move out of position.

Now pop the gear linkage back onto the quickshift.

Put car back on the ground and go for a drive. Thumbs up

smithers has attached the following image:


1997 Black GTi6
smithers205 at hotmail.com
Posted 2nd Jul 2006 at 04:14
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FAQ'ed. Smile


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Posted 5th Jul 2006 at 03:48

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