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Author Subject: VIN number mystery solved

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The above image descibes what a Peugeot VIN means just for reference.

Country Codes

This website contains information about the Internation standard for the codes used to describe the country of manufacture. UK Codes are between SA - SM, French Codes are between VF - VR

VIN Decoder

This site features a decoder for VIN numbers.

Basically means that any VIN with the VF code was built in France, which is what all the GTi-6 codes seem to be.

Although I did discover that some of the really early S16 were built in the UK with an SB VIN to reflect this.

Basically means that any GTi-6/Rallye with a VIN starting with VF was built in France, and not Ryton.



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Posted 25th Nov 2005 at 08:42
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Posted 25th Nov 2005 at 08:41

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