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Everyone's always moaning about insurance. I myself have just had a renewal figure from Admiral for 3500 (Laugh my ass off) so after ringing around I thought I'd put together a quick guide.

Below are some popular insurance companies. Adrian Flux is a broker and they're generally excellent.

Liverpool Victoria gives some of the cheapest quotes I've seen though they do insist that your car isn't modded at all.

These are some of the companies I've tried and that have been recommended:

Adrian Flux
Liverpool Victoria
Bell direct
Direct Line
LLoyds TSB
HIC 08451290290

Extra things to consider:

1. Adding low-risk drivers onto your policy often reduces your premium, especially with Admiral.

2. Where you park your vehicle at night has quite an influence on your premium.

3. If you have any kind of security devices (alarm, locking wheel nuts etc) tell them because it sometimes makes a difference

4. The best way to get a quote with Admiral (and possibly others) is to do it on-line. If you can't (for whatever reason) get a quote on-line, get the reference number from the quote and then ring up. They should be able to 'price match' the premium with the quote they give you on the website.

5. Don't try and dodge declaring your points/mods. If you do, you've a good chance of getting away with it, but is it really worth the risk of the insurance not paying out should the worst happen?

6. Remember to double check if you get a courtesy car in the event of an accident (a god-send I can tell you)

7. Remember to double check if you can have cover abroad if you intend to ever drive on the continent. Some (Admiral I think) won't cover you at all if you're under 25.

8. Be weary of the 10 month NCB accelerator schemes. While they sound good they ARE more expensive and not all insurers love them. If you have aquired some NCB on one of these 10 month schemes, try not to tell insurers about it because some can be funny. Keep schtum and you'll be ok Wink

9. Be aware of your excess. You might choose an optional 250 excess but if you're under 25 insurers often impose around 200 in addition. So if you tonk it, you'll be forking out 450. Not much you can do about it, but be aware.

10. Come renewal time you might be tempted to just stay put. DON'T. As your circumstances change the best insurer for you may be someone else. You should always ring round for quotes every time you renew. Also remember that most insurers are able to negotiate the premium, so if you get two quotes that are similar it may be worth telling them you've been quoted a better price Whistle

Good luck Big grin


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Posted 4th Jan 2006 at 09:34

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VERY helpful there rick, well done

Just in process of getting quotes now actually - its up on 14th july Sad
Posted 1st Jul 2005 at 13:44

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yup not bad rick.

As i've found out, some companies will fortunately accept 10 month bonus jobs, does severely reduce markets though!

If you have had one though and you don't tell them, they could cancel the policy, always be honest, or there's no point at all!
Posted 5th Jul 2005 at 18:54

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