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Author Subject: Clunking from rear when accelerating

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When accelerating harder than usual I'm getting some clunking from the rear.

Think this could be the rear mounts? Or something else?

I think a beam refresh is probably on the cards at some point, but since it's my only car at the mo, can't really afford sending the beam off and being without a car for a while. Ideally I'd buy a refreshed beam and swap them over on my drive.

Thought I'd see if there was an easier fix first.


Posted 2nd Aug 2022 at 12:27

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Speak to Jord294 he will do a drive in drive out service for you :-) Best beam refurbs ive had plenty from him


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Posted 2nd Aug 2022 at 14:35

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Good shout, I need to put some feelers out to see what my options are. I have a feeling he's about a 4 hour drive from me though. .

In terms of the clunking though, you think that could be rear mounts or could it anything back there?
Posted 3rd Aug 2022 at 10:17

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Could be mounts, damper bushes, damper, axle bearings, or even worth ARB/tb splines


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Posted 3rd Aug 2022 at 17:13

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Exhaust moving


need a part number? get on here - http://public.servicebox.peugeot.com

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Posted 4th Aug 2022 at 13:57

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