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So i have tried to start her over the last couple of months with no joy. I used a lot of the help from here in the FAQs.

I found my fuel pump had all but dissolved in the tank! just a rust lump...hence no priming lol

I did change the relay behind the battery and the inerta button as a mouse had chewed most of it.

Any the pump primed after it was replaced but no spark, i check the reading from the crank sensor and was getting the 300-400 ohms i was at 320 so figered this was good.

Was a bit worried about the ECO as the battery had been off a good 10years.

Checked the cam sensor and there no readings coming from it (as mentioned in the FAQ) so decides to replace and then she fireded into life!

I guess the thing that i dont seem to see in the guides is the fact that eitehr or the cam and the crank senso can stip the car from firing. its an easy ish fix.

now i have a bit of condensation to get rid of and ill need to drop the oil out and give the brakes the once over.

I also have a feeling the rear end is a bit siezed up so will need a soak before i tackle that.

anyway many thanks for the guides and FAQs

Posted 28th Nov 2021 at 15:53

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I would have changed the cambelt before even trying to fire it up as the water pump or pulleys could have been seized.


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Posted 28th Nov 2021 at 23:37


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Forgot to mention the cambelt and water pump, I changed that too. now i need to get oil up and around the tappets and give it an italian service
Posted 30th Nov 2021 at 14:29

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