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Author Subject: Putting a Phase 1 306 Gti6 gauge cluster into a Phase 1 TU3 car


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Greetings from the uncivilized end of Europe, aka eastern europe. I figured I might as well ask here since I can't find anything to help me anywhere else online.

I have a 1995 Phase 1 306 sedan, with the gloriously horrible 1.4 TU3 engine, base model as well, no rev counter, no AC, manual windows and mirrors, etc. but I'm sprucing it up a bit, and I bought a gauge cluster from what I'm pretty sure is a GTI6. Has a 240 kmh speedo (Mine is a 180 kmh one), rev counter, oil pressure gauge and red needles. Someone else told me the rev counter should be plug and play, but I connected it all up and that didn't work, anyway that's the easy part if anything, what I'm really asking for is getting the oil pressure gauge to work. I am pretty sure the TU3 has no plug for that gauge so I have to figure something out, I can't use the regular oil pressure switch because that just cuts power when it senses pressure. I also see that exactly ONE pin is from a jack that my loom doesn't have, so that'll be fun to figure out as well. And I also need some advice on how to sync up the mileage to mine. I got to about taking the needle off the speedo but I can't get it to move.

Any advice is appreciated, cheers.
Posted 23rd Nov 2021 at 14:49

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