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Author Subject: Dayco is Febi Bilstein


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For our c=306 convertible I ordered new pulleys, alternator, and v-belt. Now I opened the box of deflection pulley (Febi Bilstein) and I see the pulley has Dayco embossed on it. Box was sealed.

Is Dayco the same as Febi Bilstein?


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Posted 17th Sep 2021 at 11:48

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Hi Joep, no mate, Dayco and Febi are not the same, they are both separate manufacturers. There are only so many companies in the world that actually manufacture these tensioners and pulleys - INA being one of the biggest. Companies like Dayco, Gates, Febi, INA and more all buy what is called 'the metal work' from the same place, this is why you can sometimes find different brands in a box. Also suppliers may run out of key components to build the kits, this is when you typically see this, so Gates may run out of a tensioner and so will go to INA or Dayco so they can continue with production. If the box was sealed i wouldn't worry matey.


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Posted 17th Sep 2021 at 20:39

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