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Author Subject: Rear brake nightmare!!!


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I'm having a nightmare with my rear brakes!!!!
I've now had my car fail 3 times at MOT!!!! for the rear brakes.

So the MOT guy says there is still very little/no resistance at the rear brakes not enough to pass its MOT.

I have replaces all the metal brake lines and flexi pipes from the NSF joints to the rear also the two front metal pipes and flexi's I haven't replaced any to the ABS block and master cylinder

the rear calipers are new (reconditioned Pagid) also pads and disks.
the brake compensator is new (Bosch) and working freely with the spring.

the full system has been bled and with no air in the lines.

Front brakes are spot on and working perfect.

I cant understand whats going on! has anybody had any experience with this and why is it not working?
its technically a standard system as it left the factory so should work.... right?

Don't really want to go down the road of removing the compensator and replacing with a bias valve or removing all together.
any suggestions welcome.Smile

Posted 30th Jul 2021 at 16:47

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