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Hi everyone,

I’ve read the full embrace the EW thread on the 205 drivers forum and every other thread I can find online about fitting the EW12 engine in to a 306.

Ive got a few questions if people don’t mind and sorry if I’ve missed anything.

1) Has anyone fitted the EW12 engine in to a 306? I’ve seen a few and spoke to various people that have fitted the EW10 engines.

2) Am I best using the EW10J4S exhaust manifold with a custom downpipe? Or do I need a full custom exhaust manifold?

3) Can I use the standard EW10J4 be4 gearbox? If so what clutch, flywheel and start motor are required?

4) I plan to use the Jenvey 45 throttle bodies I already have then I just need to get an inlet manifold made up. Does anyone make one at all?

5) Can I use EW10J4S cams or am I wasting time and effort on this engine?

6) With the EW12J4 engine having balance shafts, can I remove the shafts without adversely affecting the engine harmonics?

I’ve already got a DTA S80 ecu to run the engine on so not to concerned about the wiring and control side of things.

The engine with be used for B road use mainly

Many thanks again everyone for your help and advise

Posted 14th Oct 2019 at 23:28

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