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Author Subject: Super high boost dimma parts

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Now I have the new engine and 4wd system for the dimma I will be selling lots of parts which are listed below.
Still can't decide if I should use my genuine steel bodied dimma or sell it and use a fibre glass kit on a spare shell i have.

The dimma will still be on the road for a bit so if a buyer for the engine wants to see it running and go out for a spin this is possible.

So here is the list and prices

Super high boost engine and charger setup
I can list every part and build spec but most of you know what it is. Will be pretty much plug and play minus the fuel system, intercooler, rad and exhaust manifold £6000
Yes I sold the last one for a bit less but that was for a quick sale, and came with less parts for example silicon dress up kit (water and oil), custom ecu holder, painted engine, bt adaptor to use the dta app for all engine info and gauges

Early gti6 gearbox and diff £500

Satch shift £300

Vibra technics top engine, gearbox mount and a Phillip m solid bottom mount £200

Front wide track... shafts, wishbones, track rod extensions and McPherson top mount adaptors £800

Custom ultra low bc front coilovers and rear dampers plus additional different lb springs £800

Custom wide track rear beam... 80mm wide track built and machined by bridgecraft with -3 degrees of camber.
22.5mm torsion bars
30mm arb
Solid rear mounts
Wp pro big brake kit 310mm
The beam was built 5k mikes ago using all Peugeot parts (every nut bolt and washer) including new trailing arm shafts and hub bearings

Ceramic coated exhaust manifold £300

Ap racing 315mm 4 pot brake kit £850

Custom roll cage, goes to the beam mounts on the boot floor, has an x, harness bars and twin dog leg door bars £600

The current 18x8 revolution millennium wheels fitted to my car with front ns2r tyres and pilot sport 3 on the rear £550

So are set of brand new 18x8 revolution millennium wheels £550

Custom 3" exhaust from manifold back made by torque techniques £600

Front -2 degrees negative camber hubs done by bridgecraft, powder coated and new hub bearings 5k miles ago £250

Custom bulk head hugging strut brace £100

Phillip m brand new never fitted twin tube lower brace £80

2.4 xsara vts quick rack £300

Bridge craft custom adjustable top mounts (raise up into the engine bay) £300

Probably forgot loads of bits
Posted 14th Mar 2019 at 12:10

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Have you got any pics of the cage?
Posted 14th Mar 2019 at 06:56

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Pictures of exhaust please, also what size is the tailpipe.
Regarding the gearbox what diff is in it ?


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Posted 14th Mar 2019 at 07:31

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Best to msg me on Facebook for pics.

The exhaust is centre exit and a 3" tip.

The diff is quaiffe
Posted 14th Mar 2019 at 09:05

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