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Author Subject: Centre box cut out
Carl GTI

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So the middle box blew a massive hole right in the middle of the box - the gases directly hitting the underside of the car. I cut it out and welded a pipe section in its place. Now the exhaust note has a slightly deeper tone, but no increase in noise levels, at any rev range.
Very happy with the result. Probably saved a few grams in weight too.

Thought I'd post it up here in case anyone was deciding whether to do the same.
Posted 13th Jan 2019 at 17:41
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I've never blown a mid box before
Was always the Cat that gave out for me!


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Posted 13th Jan 2019 at 19:25


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Posted 14th Jan 2019 at 00:39


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I thought the midbox would minimise resonances espacially at about 3000k rpm. Mine rattles af in that region as presumably the centre tube in the midbox broke and is loose now.
Posted 14th Jan 2019 at 07:52

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[quote="gnrlee"]I've never blown a mid box before
Was always the Cat that gave out for me!

What's a cat?

I've killed loads of centre boxes on cheaper systems like powerflow, magnex ones are always going.

The centre exit system I currently run sounded as raspy as a riced up civic with a fart can on the back when I first put it on.

Added the largest stainless centrebox I could find and it sounds much nicer now and noticibly quieter on long runs and idle.

Does have a decat and a supercharger though so very different.


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Posted 6th Mar 2019 at 13:55

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i always used to blow the wadding out on track days on the centre box
had to go back to a std system to meet noise tests
Posted 6th Mar 2019 at 18:26

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