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Author Subject: 8v turbo pistons and pec rods


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Is there any reason the 8v turbo pistons and pec forged rods xantia 2.0lt 8v turbo connot be used in the GTI6 engine.

I know the rods are shorter but the pistons are taller so the overall height is the same from at 192mm. I will have to machine a pocket for the valves. I took a punt on a brand new set of Woosner pistons and brand new PEC rods + gasket and ARP bolts for £200.

The pistons have a machined chamber in them but are not dished like the 16v turbo ones. Not sure if this matters. I can get the chamber in the 8v pistons to match the same volume as the dish in the 16v ones so compression should be the same 8.0 to 1.

Any advise much appreciated.
Posted 12th Oct 2018 at 11:53


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Cut outs for the valves might not work together.
It also depends on how much machine work will be needed, How much material will still be left on the crown of the piston etc etc....
I suppose it comes down to cost really...
Posted 16th Jun 2019 at 16:32


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They work but need machine work


Posted 10th Jul 2019 at 20:58

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I recently posted something on facebook regarding this.
The early RGY pistons are flat top and sit 4mm below deck, they work directly with any XU 16v head.

Later RGX pistons need to be machined
Both work very well
Posted 13th Jul 2019 at 13:50

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