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Author Subject: De cat and insurance


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Just thinking on and after chatting with a few folk I am learning that a de cat seems to be very popular?
I know the 6 doesn't really like the de cat flow, but i was more bothered about what happens to peoples mots and insurance in the event of an accident without a cat fitted?

I guess maybe an expensive hi flow cat is the better option?
Posted 11th Jan 2017 at 00:43

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Im pretty sure that unless you can proove that your car will pass an mot with the D-Cat your insurance
Is null and void! They really only seem to increase torque at the top end anyway
Maybe a bit more of a grunty noise but to be honest i wouldnt bother for road use!

I used to run one and swap for every mot but I became paranoid since police started cracking down on them a few years ago!

Its all about making the car lighter and Superman these days!


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Posted 11th Jan 2017 at 07:35

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