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Author Subject: Project Keep It OEM - 1999 Moonstone Ph3 GTi6


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Hi all, I've just joined and gone all out and now a member too.

I am Finally back in a '306 after a few years in Alfa's and a BMW.

I spent many weeks trying to find a suitable daily (including BMW's and other 306s) with several 'difficult' sellers until this one turned up on eBay and Autotrader and I phoned within minutes of it going live. Then had to wait a week to view it (I was dying to get to see it) and it was well worth the wait.

So here she is after driving it back to work (have seen a local Rallye go to the tyre shop next door to us Wink) in the downpour of hail:

Its on a V reg (1999) and when I got it she had just rolled over onto 135K miles and she is a straight as a die one or two tiny dents (PDR job later on), and a small mark on the front bumper, there is no obvious rust as far as I can see other than a few minor surface areas that will be treated soon enough.

As soon as I got it I had to work away for a weekend (this hurt =() and left it in the capable hands of my brother and the friendly garage he works at to sort out a cambelt and water pump, along with crank pulley and full service and what ever else needed doing (actually not a lot).

The previous gentleman that owned provided a stack of history and lots of other collectable bits and bobs so I shall continue to add to this, he really loved it by the looks of things.

Since it was serviced etc I gave it a good wash:

Then managed to source a Lexia tool and PP2k and got this:

The engine will occasionally jerk on partial throttle which I am trying to sort out as its annoying and intermittent!

MAP sensor and Lambda have been replaced with a Bosch sensor (PN was found on here, thanks guys!) and the Lambda was replaced with an NTK item prices were reasonable Wink

The intermittent jerky part throttle still continues...

She's currently doing 31 MPG which I am very happy with so with the new sensors it may go up with any luck Big grin

More to come..
Posted 14th May 2016 at 18:11


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Looks very smart! Moonstone is a lovely colour when it's clean.


2000 W Phase 3 Moonstone.
Posted 14th May 2016 at 20:27

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Very nice indeed. I imagine these are getting hard to find in good condition.
Posted 15th May 2016 at 09:53


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tompaltridge wrote:
Very nice indeed. I imagine these are getting hard to find in good condition.

Yeah, very!

Not much in the way of updates, it's needing a wash quite badly at the moment but its too hot to do so in at the moment. And my time has been sapped for other reasons Wink

Still running well with the odd intermittent jerking.

Just had the Air Conditioning looked at and it looks like the previous owner has looked after this part of the car too, the guy I used to check it over and regass it seems to know his 306's and if anyone needs someone to look at the AC in and around Devon I can provide details.

Posted 29th May 2016 at 21:05

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