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Author Subject: Revs dropping when dabbing the throttle


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I just had my linkages and lower mount done today and since having it back I noticed that when I dab the throttle the revs drop down to about 500 and then come back up slowly to about 900. It seems to struggle to come back to normal idle and the lights begin to dip. This has never happened before, so is there anything they may have knocked/damaged whilst working?

Also the temp gauge has been coming up to the line between red and 90, up until today it's never really gone above about 80. He did say he noticed a small leak in a pipe behind the engine and replaced a section of it (he must of caught it whilst working). Just wondering if this is about normal operating temp?

Posted 5th Mar 2014 at 22:55

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Icv valve?,

When you saying above 90 you mean when sat still ? Or driving along normally?
Posted 6th Mar 2014 at 21:17

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