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Author Subject: Xsara VTS / 306 GTI gearbox mix?


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I have GTI BE3/6 box and Xsara VTS BE3 box. I want to use Xsara's box, but with 3,4 and 5th from GTI6 box (1st and 2nd are identical, but gti's are not in good condition).

Here are pictures from service box (left is from gti-6, right is from vts):
primary shaft -
secondary shaft -
final drive -

I am not sure if that is possible. Please advise Smile

The goal is to achieve better acceleration. The top speed will be about 180 km/h at 7000rpm, which is pretty enough for stock engine and "race tracks" in Bulgaria.

Posted 12th Feb 2013 at 09:04

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1 ~ 2 are machined onto the input shaft, 3 ~ 4 are a matched pair also, 5 & 6 can be swaped with ease but thats about it.


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Posted 24th Feb 2013 at 20:27


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3 & 4 are quite easy to change also. Largest jos is to break the box that you can get access to shafts.
That should help alittle Wink --->

Those gears come off quite easy with this--->


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Posted 1st Mar 2013 at 13:45


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Do you have to make changes to use xsara box? (In op's case; after you've fettled)
Posted 1st Mar 2013 at 13:48


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3 and 4th are impossible, it came out that number of internal theet is different, and gtis 3-4 gear can not be put on secondary shaft of vts Sad

I only took xsaras wheels for 1st and 2nd from secondary shaft , because mine was damaged.
Posted 31st Mar 2013 at 18:52

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