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Author Subject: EBC Blade high carbon discs
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Just been sent this from EBC

EBC wrote:
EBC are just about to launch new High Carbon "Blade" Discs in the UK. The advantages of high carbon brake discs or rotors is well documented and most high performance cars now come with high carbon discs as standard.

The initial launch range of Blade Discs will cover 80% of the European vehicle market for sport brakes. These will be fully listed on our website very shortly and of course with a fantastic launch offer! Used in conjunction with EBC Greenstuff sport brakes pads, the top selling Redstuff or highest performing Yellowstuff these brake discs are designed to stop faster and run cooler with less thermal distortions plus great looks.

The new Blade Sport Discs from EBC Brakes are 100% British made using GG15HC Hi Silicone, Hi Carbon cast iron alloy which has many features as described below.

Technical Details
GG15HC Hi Silicone, Hi Carbon cast iron alloy as the name implies uses Higher Carbon content during the casting process; approximately DOUBLE the Carbon content than normal brake discs. Carbon content ranges from 2% to approximately 4% and GG15HC is right at the top end. More Silicone is also added to GG15HC to encourage the formation of Graphite during the cooling process. These graphite flakes add "Plasticity" to the cast iron matrix and are excellent at absorbing shocks and preventing cracks.

Major Advantages of GG15HC Cast Iron:
- The graphite flakes dampen vibrations, reducing brake judder and brake noise
- These graphite flakes conduct heat very well and therefore reduce thermal distortions
- The graphite flakes act as mini stress "Focal Points" for potential cracking making this material extremely viable for use on drilled and slotted discs or rotors, drawing the stress away from the machined slots or holes, preventing cracks.


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Posted 22nd Nov 2011 at 08:23
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Posted 22nd Nov 2011 at 10:07

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