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Author Subject: Very Weird Fan Issue!!


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I know there are loads of threads on this however, I think I'm at the conclusion that I have a broken wire somewhere or dogy Bitron unit! and the Fan overview diagram may be incorrect.

My Car is a 1998 GTI6

Here's what happens!

97deg's no fans at all, 107deg's drivers side fan only full speed.

Remove brown plug from thermostat housing, again just drivers side fan full speed.

Now referring to the Fan relay layout picture from puegeot logic website, I remove brown plug drivers side fan comes on, I remove the left fan relay (low speed) as per the pic there and the fan cuts off!
if the diagram or picture was correct this wouldn't happen? as this should only affect the left fan and low speed operation.

I have tested all relays and there fine, I have also put +12v on pin5 of left fan relay socket which then puts both fans on at low speed so now fan motors at fault.

I removed the Bitron unit and noticed a couple of corroded pins, I cleaned and re-tinned with solder but still no joy!!

Things I still need to test, as I'm sure the diagram is wrong and its thrown me of the path!

1). Check whether Bitron unit provides a neg feed to the slow speed fan relay at 97 deg's, as I'm sure its only providing at 107 to the high speed relay. I guess if the feed is there I Bitron fault or cable fault?

2). Check when over 107 that all relays have a negative feed to them from Bitron unit, I guess if the feed is there I Bitron fault or cable fault?

In addition my air con has a leak so even with A/C on no difference as compressor does not cut in.

I would like to know if anyone has had same issue, and what they did to resolve?

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I had the same issue with my fans after much fiddleing around it was the Bitron unit only found this out after replacing all the relays with spares i had and both fans DOH Sad


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Thanks for that, hopefully my little test tonight will confirm that Bitron unit is buggered, but I also heard that there is a connector on the fan tray and that can corrode up?

I guess its rad out again job for that!! doh!

Many Thanks
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i have this same problem and its doing my head in had all new relays and bitron unit. both fans spin up when up put a feed to them directly. im thinking its a wiring fault now. being colour blind and working out the wire colours is not a easy task for me. been told it could be a earth problem. checked them all but unsure which wires are earth on the relays.


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I believe the earths are going from the relay sockets/right fan motor through this connector that i'm unsure about on bottom fan tray.

I also got a slightly low voltage on my test meter of 11.49v which could be a slightly bad earth again most likely on this connector!!

I will post my findings!

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I had a similar problem where only the left fan was working on high speed

Personally I would remove the relay for the right fan and put a piece of wire in the terminals with the thick wire (top and bottom?) If the fan works you can eliminate that

Don't forget bitron unit only switches earth

The problem with mine was the +12v wire to the relay coil which should be permanently live wasnt so I just took a different fused feed and voila all is well
Posted 29th Aug 2009 at 04:51

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Even though your left fan started on low speed I still suspect it is the fan motor itself. Its quite common for this to fail, mine did.

Put 12v through each fan motor independantly and what happens?

Also swap the fan motors over. If the left one then is the only one that works you pretty much can guarantee its the motor.

If its not the motor you have me stumped!!


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