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Author Subject: FAQ - OMP Cage Fitting

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Had a good number of PM


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Inside you are face!

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Cheers Ben, legend!


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Having just fitted one of these myself, thought i'd add my 2 pence worth, if you buy the cage new as i did just a couple of points to watch out for, when the cage arrives it will come with a box section to be welded to the floor under either leg of the main hoop which will have captive nuts welded to the underside of it to bolt the hoop too, check that a) this is tall enough to make contact properly with the hoop when the front and rear legs are fitted (mine wasn't so i had to make a spacer) Cool check that the holes are drilled in the box section correctly the nuts will be welded correctly but i found the drilling was slightly off so as you could not get the bolts into the captive nuts and i had to open the holes up with a larger drill bit. Also the rear diagonals have a flat plate on the end to be bolted to the rear arch once plates have been welded in, i found this to be nowhere near the angle of the arch so the strengthening plate needed angleing and almost making into a box section again to get the cage to meet properly, hope this makes sense, i will post some pics when i've got my home internet up and running again to make my explaination a little clearer! Hope this helps.Roll eyes


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My cage arrived last week and i had a go at trial fitting it yesterday......... what a nightmare!!!!! The rear bars that go to the arches are miles out like jeffers is saying, not only the angle of the attatchment plates but the drivers side is 3 inches away from the arch itself. After sitting and staring at it for an hour I decided that im going to just take it somewhere to get fitted. I havent got the welding skills to adapt and modify it as much as it's going to need to fit so i'd rather just pay someone LOL
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