Rallye Decals - Stickers (2011)

Rallye Decals - Stickers (2011)

25th Sep 2011


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Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom


As discussed in detail in an earlier thread (http://www.306gti6.com/forum/showthread.php?id=83025) I have meticulously reproduced a full set of decals / stickers for my 306 Rallye, which are 99.9% accurate to the original Peugeot parts.

As I have the templates and the relationship with the printer I'm happy to supply these to anyone else needing replacements or spares.

A. Front bonnet stripe (£10)
B. LHS door stripe (£15)
C. RHS door stripe (£15)
D. LHS 'RALLYE' decal - specify RED or GREY (£7.50)
E. RHS 'RALLYE' decal - specify RED or GREY (£7.50)
F. Tailgate 'PEUGEOT' decal - specify RED or GREY (£7.50)
G. Tailgate '306 RALLYE' decal & stripe - specify RED or GREY (£10)

Full set £70 posted.

I also have some sets for the Peugeot 106 Rallye S1 and S2.

Note: GREY decals are for red cars and white 306s, RED decals are for black and blue cars and white 106s.

Payment by cheque, Paypal or bank transfer is fine.


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